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ONE Stroke Painting is sweeping the decorative painting world. It's fun!  It's easy!  It's quick! You get great results from your first lesson, even if you've never painted before!

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* Our books and teaching guides are brand new.  They are not used (no paint), don't
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* Many of the books and teaching guides that we have are the classics from way back. 
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We've had a lot of requests for OneStroke items that we no longer have and can't get.  We still see some of those old pages on the internet; they're cached on search engines, ISP servers, maybe even your computer. The current site date is 1/7/2009; any date earlier is not valid.

We are an International enterprise. We've shipped to over 15 countries.  Belgium , Canada , France , Germany , Greece , Iceland , Ireland , Israel ,     Italy , Puerto Rico , Republic of South Africa , Singapore , Switzerland , United Kingdom (Great Britain & Scotland), APOs, and other countries through a US agent.                                         (Hope all the flags are right?)

What is ONE Stroke Painting?

For the last few years, a new craft technique has been quietly growing in popularity among Decorative Painters.  Similar to, but easier than Tole painting, ONE Stroke seems too good to be true.  It's easy!  It's fun! It's quick and inexpensive.  The beauty is that first timers can achieve wonderful results! The process, created by Donna Dewberry, is now being taught in Arizona by many OSCIs.

ONE Stroke is a multi-loading style of acrylic decorative painting (using Plaid FolkArt paint) that is very friendly to novice painters. It is an attractive, less structured style that lends itself to freehand painting. As such, it appeals to experienced painters who want faster results or freedom from pattern tracing.  It is equally usable on metal, plaster, glass, wood, fabric and ceramic surfaces.  You will be excited too, when you find out for yourself how easy ONE Stroke is. Imagine, blending, shading, and highlighting all in ONE Stroke!

Classes teach you to freehand various strokes and to build your own unique pattern using a Plaid teaching guide and the ONE Stroke gold nylon brush sets designed by Donna Dewberry specifically to use for this technique.

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