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ONE Stroke Painting is sweeping the decorative painting world. It's fun; It's easy; It's quick. You get great results from your first lesson, even if you've never painted before!

All the supplies, instructional items and materials
to make your own ONE Stroke projects!

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PLAID MAKES CRAFTING EASY, PLAID PRODUCTS FROM ONESTROKE.NETThe items on our website are stocked for mailing usually the next day  upon our receipt of a PayPal payment. CLICK PayPal HERE to signup.  Email orders to indicating your payment method.

    The United States Post Office mailing rates are distance and weight sensitive, always rolling to the next pound rate. Rates will change in the future.

    Please eMail your order and mailing address to us so we can  respond to your order request with mailing costs. Our Mailing cost approach will be equitable and  we think it is fairer than having fixed increasing rates based on order value such as many other online or mail order businesses have.

    We advise when your order has space to allow maximizing mailing costs. For example, if your order weighs 2 pounds 4 ounces, we'll tell you so that you
    can get that extra OneStroke book or some teaching guides or extra brushes
    or extra video at no additional mailing cost to you.

Insurance is always included on your order, when possible,
so your OneStroke treasures are protected against loss.

For International orders, please eMail your order and mailing address to us so we can respond with the International mailing rates and options.

7.95% tax on all items sold to Arizona

Our web site is our catalog.

Please print these on-line lists if you need a reference copy.

Craft stores have some ONE Stroke supplies.

Eileen paints One Stroke.
The MOST popular ONE Stroke supplies are always stocked.

Support the availability of these supplies,
buy from ONEStroke.Net!

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