Ordering by eMail from ONEStroke.Net

You've probably been referred here because you clicked on the button to order products.  Your browser BACK button will take you back to the page where you were when you came here.

Here's how easy it is to order from ONEStroke.Net:

  1. Select what you'd like to order from our many pages of  Supplies.
  2. Send eMail to orders@onestroke.net telling us:
    • your name and mailing address
    • what you'd like to order (both item number and description help prevent errors)
    • payment method: check, money order, or PayPal (using your Credit Card or Checking Account) - Payment in U.S. Dollars only .
  3. We'll verify stock and set your order aside in your name.
  4. We'll send you an eMail confirming stock availibility and pricing, including mailing costs and tax (if required). We'll also advise you about maximizing your mailing cost (see yellow note below)
       * If you've requested paying by check or money order, we'll include a P.O. Box
           address for you to send it to.
       * If you've requested using PayPal or a credit card in your eMail, we'll send a
           money request via PayPal to you at this time.
    Special Note: We try to answer your emails within 24 hours, sometimes a lot faster.  If you have NOT received a reply within 24 hours, please send your order to us again explaining that you have not heard from us. We're aware that sometimes emails do not get through due to certain conditions like email blocks or just that it got lost on the internet.
  5. You would mail your check or money order to us at the address in our reply eMail (#4 above)
    You would pay the PayPal bill that we sent you via a secure server at PayPal.
  6. Your order will be reserved in your name for a couple few weeks from the time that we send you our order confirmation eMail (#4 above) to allow you time to send your payment. If this is a problem for you, please let us know and we'll work with you.
  7. Receipt of PayPal payments will send your order on its way to you the next business day.  Orders paid with checks can be held until checks clear before order can be mailed out.

Some questions which we are frequently asked:

  1. What's this PayPal thing? PayPal is a  secure third-party who processes credit cards. We have no way to process a  credit card directly, so (for your own security) don't ever give us your credit  card information. PayPal is one of the largest processors for internet businesses like ours and auction sites like eBay.  To use their services, you must register with them.

    If you express interest in using PayPal or a credit card when you send your first eMail, we'll send a money request to your eMail address through PayPal when we confirm your order. That eMail will have the information to sign up and send the payment.

    Orders using PayPal work like this. We get your eMail order. We verify your order and send you a confirming eMail and a PayPal money request. You pay via PayPal.  We  mail your order the next business day.
  2. Do you have an 800 number where I can order? No. ONEStroke.Net is not our only business or our only life. We have no employees, so Eileen handles your order personally. Thus, we don't have "business hours."  There is nothing we could do over the phone that we cannot do by eMail, so we don't have the overhead of a toll free line.
  3. How do you ship? For US orders, we use United States Postal Service mail, either Priority or First Class depending on weight. For International orders, we use Postal Mail Services through our USPS. This is why we need your MAILING address. Contact us if this presents a problem.

PLAID MAKES CRAFTING EASY, PLAID PRODUCTS FROM ONESTROKE.NETThe items on our website are stocked for mailing usually the next day  upon our receipt of a PayPal payment. CLICK PayPal HERE to signup.  Email orders to orders@onestroke.net indicating your payment method.

    The United States Post Office mailing rates are distance and weight sensitive, always rolling to the next pound rate. Rates will change in the future.

    Please eMail your order and mailing address to us so we can  respond to your order request with mailing costs. Our Mailing cost approach will be equitable and  we think it is fairer than having fixed increasing rates based on order value such as many other online or mail order businesses have.

    We advise when your order has space to allow maximizing mailing costs. For example, if your order weighs 2 pounds 4 ounces, we'll tell you so that you
    can get that extra OneStroke book or some teaching guides or extra brushes
    or extra video at no additional mailing cost to you.

Insurance is always included on your order, when possible,
so your OneStroke treasures are protected against loss.

For International orders, please eMail your order and mailing address to us so we can respond with the International mailing rates and options.

7.95% tax on all items sold to Arizona

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